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Feenics Access Control

Feenics is a native cloud-based provider of enterprise access control as a service (ACaaS) solutions. Keep by Feenics scales from single door to global enterprise environments. It includes a RESTful API for easy to create 3rd party integrations, native visitor management, two-factor authentication for increased security and a powerful mobile app that allows for security management on the go. Keep by Feenics is hardware agnostic, supporting a number of leading manufacturers including Mercury Security, HID, and Allegion.

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) Cloud Integration to Keep by Feenics

OWS establishes a cloud-to-cloud link to Keep by Feenics and captures access events to be processed by the OWS Alerts Engine as well as its device list so access control devices can be associated with cameras in the OpenEye system. The integration with OWS takes access events from Feenics’ Keep and transmits them to the OWS Alerts engine to leverage push alerts, email notifications, and searchable event history, all linked to video from OpenEye systems for video verification.

This cloud-to-cloud integration links OWS with Keep by Feenics to enable Keep users to retrieve video through the OWS cloud API and to view video natively in Keep.

NOTE:  This integration is only available with certain licensing tiers. See OWS Licensing for more information.





What you get
  • OWS alert notifications triggered by access events on the Keep by Feenics access control system
  • Video verification of access control events
  • Alert notifications and searchable events generated by specific access control users
  • More actionable alerts thanks to event thumbnails, access user names (when available), and door/area names included in alert details
  • A more complete and integrated security solution
Keep by Feenics Cloud Integration to OWS
  • View OWS video in Keep by Feenics platform
  • Direct cloud linking between the OWS and Keep by Feenics platforms
  • Support for OWS Web Connect functionality
  • Transmission of live and recorded video from OWS to Keep
  • A plugin free experience when viewing OWS video in Keep
  • The ability to export video clips from OWS natively in Keep
  • Video retrieval with no port forwarding, DDNS, or inbound ports open on the network firewall




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