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OpenEye Knowledge Base Access and Intrusion provides solutions for small to medium-sized business owners that combine intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management into a single, cost-effective solution. products include interactive security, video monitoring, access control, energy management, automation, and wellness monitoring.

OWS Integration with

This integration takes events from and filters them through OpenEye Web Service’s Alerts engine to send push, email and client notifications. The notifications are linked to video from OpenEye systems for video verification of access events. Generated alerts are then searchable in the OWS Alert History. can also link to the OpenEye web client from within the customer portal Activity Page to open the OWS Web Client and pull up video for linked cameras to the corresponding time the event occurred.




Integration Diagrams_ADC 1.png


Integration Diagrams_ADC 2.png



What you get:
  • Direct cloud linking between the OWS and platforms
  • OWS capture of access and intrusion events
  • OWS capture and display of user names and IDs associated with events
  • Cloud configuration of alert rules spanning multiple locations and recorders
  • Real-time alert notifications of access and intrusion events
  • Alert history search of access and intrusion alerts events in OWS
  • Video verification of events using OWS
  • The ability to link accounts to an OpenEye recorder through the OWS Portal
  • The ability to map devices from to cameras through the OWS Portal
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