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Standard Motion

Standard Motion utilizes analytic techniques to register any movement within a specifically delineated area of your preference. By observing this defined region, it generates events and alerts based on the motion detected, ensuring you are promptly notified of any activity.
Analytics Motion Standard.png
Configure a Standard Motion Area
  1. From the Analytics tab, check Motion Detected.
  2. Select Standard from the Analytics Mode dropdown.
  3. Click Setup under the Configuration column.
  4. Click Add Area, then click and drag the capture square to create the area.

NOTE: Left click, release, and move to draw a custom polygonal shape one line at a time. Draw and click the last line to the starting point to complete the Area.

NOTE: Motion Areas can be subtracted to disable motion detection for specific areas of the video stream and motion grids can be drawn over each other.

NOTE: Resize the area of interest by dragging the bottom right-hand corner of the camera confirmation pane.

  1. Continue modifying Motion Areas as desired using the tools below the camera frame.

Motion and Motion Region Options

Motion Sensitivity – Reduce or increase the sensitivity of motion detection.
Noise Sensitivity – Reduce or increase noise sensitivity detected on a camera.
Pre Motion Recording – Time when recording starts from a motion event.
Image Offset – Offset when an image is captured from a motion event.
Record on event detection – Remove the check to disable events from being recorded on the event stream.
Reset Defaults – Resets motion sensitivity and noise sensitivity back to default values.
Select – Allows motion detection grids to be moved.
Select All – Draws a full motion detection grid over the image.
Add Area – Draw individual motion detection grids.
Remove Area – Allows removal of motion detection grid areas within a grid.
Clear All – Removes all motion detection area grids.

  1. Click Save.
Delete a Standard Motion Area
  1. Click to select the desired Motion Area.
  2. Click Remove Area to delete the selected area.
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