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How do I manually license my OWS recorder?

Typically, an OWS recorder will reach out to the internet to confirm the current licensing applied to the unit, as well as downloading any new licenses that are applied. Sometimes due to a lack of internet connection or similar issue, this is not possible. In this situation you will need to activate licensing manually.
First, log into the recorder and enter the setup menu. Select the ‘System Settings’ option on the side menu and click the ‘Licensing’ tab at the top. Click the ‘Add New License’ button in the upper right-hand corner.
From the ‘Add New License’ page, there will be 2 options, Automatic or Manual. Select ‘Manual Registration’ and click Next.


Take note of the system ID and recorder serial number. Access the Product Activation page on
Enter the recorder serial number and click next.

clipboard_e4b0757f14799f9ccb723a1956c0a3c53.png This will list the serial number of license(s) currently tied to the recorder. Check the box next to the license serial number, enter the System ID, and click ‘Register’. This will generate the unlock code.


Enter the unlock code and serial number on the add license page to complete the registration. Confirm the licenses have been unlocked by checking the licenses available.



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