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Customer Accounts Report and Alert Options

Report and Alert Options

The Report and Alert Options control account permissions related to Alerts and Reports. Refer to their respective sections for more information.

CP Customer Accounts Report and Alert Options.png

Enable Reports and Alerts

The following options allow the End Users to view reports and alerts:

  • Enable Health Alerts for this Account
  • Enable Non-Health Alerts for this Account
  • Enable Analytics Alerts for this Account
  • Enable Intrusion Alerts for this Account
  • Enable Access Control Alerts for this Account
  • Enable Reports for this Account

NOTE: Enable Reports for this Account is a global option that enables/disables all reports, including shared and custom, for this account. This option must be enabled for the account to access any reports.

Create/Edit Reports

These options allow the account's End Users to create and edit their own reports if the End User has been given permission to create and edit reports.

  • Day / Night Images Report
  • System Summary Report
  • Inventory Report
    • Show Web Services Access Start and End Dates
  • Thumbnail Report
  • Trend Report

NOTE: Report permissions are dependent on your OWS license. View the complete list of features by license type for more information: 

Allow end users to view the following shared reports

If enabled, the account’s End Users will be able to view the selected reports but will not be able to edit or delete them. These reports are created at the Channel Partner level, in the Accounts > Shared Reports page.

  • Day / Night Images Report
  • System Summary Report
  • Inventory Report

Use the dropdown menu to select which shared reports are accessible to the Customer Account.

NOTE: If the dropdown menu is blank, no Shared Reports have been created yet.

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