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Water Damage

Water damage describes various possible issues caused by water intruding where it could enable an attack on materials or effect the system by destructive processes such as rusting, corrosion, or short-circuiting of electrical circuits.

The OpenEye Warranty outlines the warranty of products purchased through authorized channels.


Water damage can occur when the devices we warrant are improperly installed, misused, altered, or accidentally damaged.  Most water damage issues are installation related. 

What can be done?

If a device is found to have water damage, it can be setup with an RMA to bring the device in for evaluation. At that time, we reserve the right to replace or return the device in accordance with the OpenEye Warranty.


After evaluation by our RMA team, you will be contacted with the results of the evaluation. 

if a replacement is not covered under warranty,  you will have the option of having the product returned, or scrapped. 

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