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By utilizing the environmental sensor events gathered by your HALO Smart Sensor, you can leverage the power of OpenEye Web Services (OWS) to generate actionable alerts and increase your operational intelligence. Halo events are sent directly from Halo sensors on the local network to the OWS cloud for searching and alerting through the OWS Alerts Engine.
OWS Cloud Integration with HALO Smart Sensor  

HALO devices located on the local network transmit events directly to the OWS cloud. The integration with OWS takes environmental events from HALO Smart Sensors and transmits them to OWS's Alerts engine, to leverage push alerts, emails, and searchable event history, all linked to video from OpenEye systems for video verification.

NOTE: HALO Smart Sensor Integration is only available with certain licensing tiers. See OWS Licensing for more information.

NOTE: HALO 2C, 3C, and 3C-PC (minus person detection) sensor models are supported. Default HALO event types must be used, specifically the default names of HALO events transmitted to OWS. Changing the default names of events will break the integration.


Halo Diagram.png

What you get:
  • Transmit events directly from HALO sensors to the OWS Cloud
  • Ability to create and receive real-time alert notifications triggered by HALO environmental events
  • Accelerate video search based on supported HALO sensor events, enabling faster retrieval of critical footage
Supported Events:
  • Health Sensor Events:
    • Health Index
    • Air Quality Index (AQI)
    • Particulate Matter (PM2.5)
    • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
  • Safety Sensor Events:
    • Gunshot
    • Help (Spoken Keyword / Phrase)
    • Masking
    • Aggression
    • Tamper
  • Vape/THC Sensor Events:
    • Vape
    • Marijuana (THC)
    • Masking of Vaping or THC
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